NK Engineering commissioning at the factory in Khanh Hoa province

Recently, engineer NK Engineering completed the commissioning of the hardness measuring device at the beverage factory in Khanh Hoa province.

🏭 For industrial production, hard water used in utilities has a great influence on processes because it creates dirt and adhesion in the boiler, and heat exchanger, leading to reduced efficiency of the heat exchanger, corrosion, and damage. , broken equipment (boiler, turbine...).

Hard water used in the process affects the quality and taste of the product. Therefore, the control of water hardness is one of the top priority issues in industrial production.

NK Engineering currently provides a wide range of equipment specialized in water quality analysis, including online, continuous & automatic hardness measurement equipment. The device will help customers minimize sampling and analysis time in the laboratory, and actively control the water used quickly and continuously, thereby helping to optimize and automate the production process. as well as early detection of problems if any.

Customers who have needed equipment calibration, commissioning, and training services, please contact NK Engineering via email: for advice and support.



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