Proline Promass Q 300/500 with 4-tube technology

New standard in the oil and gas industry when it comes to measuring large flows: Proline Promass Q 300/500 with 4-tube technology.

Proline Promass Q 300/500 with smart 4-tube technology offers outstanding measurement accuracy and low pressure loss, designed for pipe sizes up to DN 250 (10"). It achieves maximum accuracy when loading, unloading and transporting hydrocarbons in the oil & gas industry.

Proline Promass Q 300/500 can be used for process temperatures up to 205 °C (401 °F) or in the low temperature range down to –196 °C (–321 °F), in addition:
📌 Best measuring accuracy (±0.05% o.r.) and exceptional repeatability (±0.025%) over the entire measuring range: tested and confirmed on various external, accredited oil and gas calibration facilities
📌 Excellent measuring performance for liquids with microbubbles thanks to patented MFT (Multi-Frequency Technology)
📌 Outstanding density measuring accuracy (tested by H&D Fitzgerald/UK): ±0.2 kg/m³ (±0.0002 g/cm³)

A revolution in the flow market, 4-tube technology offers customers unbeatable advantages. Compared to Coriolis flowmeters with two measuring tubes, four tubes allow up to 25% higher flow rates. This speeds up all transactions in the oil and gas business and thus saves money by reducing, for example, standstill times for loading and unloading oil tankers, resulting in lower port charges. Another advantage is that unwanted pressure losses are much less significant with four measuring tubes.


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