Wastewater Treatment at KCP Phu Yen Factory

Increasing safety in a wastewater treatment process 

      Legal requirements of environmental protection, shrinking budgets, process optimization and safety – the challenges faced by the water & wastewater sector in general, and KCP Vietnam Industries Co., Ltd. in particular, have never been greater.

      In Vietnam, The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment promulgated Circular No.43/2015/TT-BTNMT on the environmental status report, environmental indicators and environmental monitoring data management. Accordingly, enterprises and factories directly discharging waste into the environment have to concern with legally prescribed samplings of wastewater. Automatic wastewater quality monitoring stations must ensure the technical connection requirements for automated and continuous data transmission to Local Department of Natural Resources and Environment when requested.

Online monitoring station      

      To master these issues of KCP, NK Engineering – representative of Endress+Hauser in Vietnam has offered and installed a built-in comprehensive solution based on our extensive industry knowledge and the experience we have gained working with an entire portfolio of measuring instruments, solutions, and services.

      The analytical solution includes a system applied Memosens digital technology for measuring the output water parameters such as COD (chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids), pH and flow. And the monitoring system automatically controls the MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids), DO (dissolved oxygen) indicators for the aeration tank and transmits all data to the plant's distributed control system.

     Solution components:

     - COD measuring instrument: Viomax CAS51D, measurement range 0 ÷ 370 mg/l COD

     - TSS measuring instrument: Turbimax CUS51D, range 0 ÷ 4000 mg/l, Ingres protection IP68

     - pH measuring instrument: Oribipac CPF81D, range pH 0÷ 14, process temperature -10 ÷ 110oC (14°F – 230°F)

     - System components and data logger: Ecograph T RSG35

     - Multichannel Transmitter is able to connect up to 8 Memosens sensors COD, pH, TSS, DO, etc.

     - Cabinet for outdoor installation of analyzer, electric box and pumps.

     Benefits at a glance

     - The wastewater treatment system with the capacity of 2,900m3/day and night is successfully put into operation, raising the competence of factory to 10,000 ton sugarcane/day. Wastewater sampling is automatically carried out based on the discharge flow rate without any trouble.

     - The data are frequently updated at least 5 minutes/time, and all monitoring parameters will be connected to the GSM/GPRS wireless transmitter for continuous data transfer to the data acquisition and processing center and displayed on the computer in the control room.

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