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Energy Management System At Sabeco Cu Chi

Reduce energy cost from measured value to energy usage

      Energy consumption accounts for 5-8% of the production costs of brewing. Making energy efficiency improvement is an important way to reduce costs, especially in times of high energy price volatility. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgated Circular no. 19/2016/TT-BCT of regulations on energy consumption norms in the beer and beverage industry.

Energy consumption norms in breweries

      At the discharge area of Sabeco Cu Chi brewery, NK Engineering has developed a comprehensive solution based on the Endress+Hauser range of measurement instruments to optimize energy monitoring in critical stages. The solutions that we offer include:

      * Cooling system:

–  Flowmeters Glycol for water cooling 20oC Promag 53P1F (DN150 – DN125)

–  5 pairs of temperature measurement Cold Glycol -Warm Glycol (Brew House, Cell, New Cellar, Order Consumer)

–  Cabinet system with energy calculators and data logger Memograph M RSG40.

      * Compressed air:

–  Proline Prowirl F 200 Vortex flowmeter records data reliability (in “kg/h”, “kg”)and clearly identify weak points in the system

      * Boiler system:

–  Installed temperature measuring for mass/ energy flow of saturated steam Prowirl F200 for bottle washer, bottle/can sterilizer processes (diameter DN80, DN100, DN50)

      * CO2 system:

–  Proline Promass 80F Coriolis flowmeter measures carbon dioxide CO2 for canning process

      * NaOH:

–  Promag 50P for measuring NaOH 32%

CO2 Transmitter

Flowmeter for measuring saturated steam

Flowmeter for measuring saturated steam

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