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Reduce energy cost from measured value to energy usage

     Gas, steam or water circuits that provide specific forms of energy to the operating process can be found in all branches of industry. Many countries already provide tax incentives for implementing an energy management system. Making energy efficiency improvement is the aim of every company to efficiently use and reduce costs, especially in time of high energy price volatility.

     For efficient energy management, we offer the complete package – all from one source:

     –  Reliable measuring values as the basis for analyzing energy flows
     –  Intelligent devices for data recording and data transfer
     –  Made-to-measure software packages for analyzing and evaluating measured energy data

Energy Management Solution

     Smart scale energy solutions for steam systems

     Boiler efficiency represents the difference between energy input and output related to the steam process. This requires accurate and repeatable measurements of the steam output, the heat remaining in the feed water and the fuel supplied to the burner. A variety of measuring instruments with different technologies such as vortex flowmeter functioned of Wet Steam Detection, thermal mass flowmeter in measurement of fuel gas used to burn the boiler as well as pressure transmitter to compensate for mass and energy provides required data to Memograph RSG45. 

Our solution for steam system

     Steam application – parameters:

     Prowirl F200 (Vortex flowmeter):

     –  Integrated temperature measuring for mass/ energy flow of saturated steam
     –  Highest process safety – dual sense version enables redundant measurement
     –  High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibrations, temperature shocks & water hammer
     –  Calculate steam mass by using external pressure values via HART, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
     –  Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology
     –  Convenient device wiring – separate connection compartment.

Memograph M (Advanced Data Manager):

     –  Calculate the specific energy consumption (steam quantity per kWh of fuel)
     –  Leak monitoring by comparing two flow measuring points
     –  Alarm messages, heat differential measurements (energy), totalizing the performance of multiple boilers

     Energy management software:

     –  Monitor the specific energy consumption and boiler efficiency
     –  Allocate generation costs across multiple cost centers
     –  Set and monitor target values based on historic data
     –  Uncover leaks
     –  Calculate profits due to energy-saving measures

     Smart scale energy solutions for cooling systems

     Where can I save energy? How can I improve the efficiency of cooling system? How much cooling do my cooling system really need?  With the right meter at the right location, these questions can be answered in detail. The key characteristic values can be calculated by measuring the flow and temperature in the inlets/ outlets of cooling and heating circuits.

Our solution for heating and cooling system

     Promag 53P (Magmeter):

     –  Versatile applications – wide variety of wetted materials
     –  Energy-saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross-section constriction
     –  With optional electrode cleaning function ECC to prevent electrically conductive deposits in the measuring tube.

     Smart scale energy solutions for compressed air systems

     Waste heat, pressure losses, excess system pressure – all this contributes to compressors being regards as massive energy consumers. That's why we need to:

     –  Minimize leaks 
     –  Monitor filters
     –  Take in air for compressor at the coldest point
     –  Keep system pressure as low as possible
     –  Check efficiency of compressors

Our solution for compressed air system

     Some of our project references:

Energy monitoring solution for Carlsberg brewery - Hue

Energy management system at Sabeco Cu Chi - Ho Chi Minh

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