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Authorized service and calibration provider for all Endress+Hauser products 

      As a leading supplier of field instrumentation, Endress+Hauser performs and advises on all aspects of calibration from in-situ testing through to fully accredited factory and on-site calibration. In Vietnam, NK Engineering Co., Ltd. is now an authorized service and calibration provider for all Endress+Hauser products. We also have been certified by Directorate for Standards, Metrology, and Quality (STAMEQ) for providing this service. With three offices and standard calibration instruments system, we are able to provide the highest flexibility services from North to South that help you maintain peak performance while meeting your budget and uptime needs. All calibration services from NK Engineering are strictly traceable and accredited to national and international standards like ISO/IEC 17025.

      We are now offering unique on-site flow meter calibration services as well as calibration of other instruments, including pressure and temperature, liquid analysis with the capacity as the details below:









0.3 ÷ 100 m3/h

-1 ÷ 20 bar-g

-25 ÷ 120°C

0 ÷ 14 pH

5 ÷ 2000µS

0 ÷ 20 mg/l




±0.035 °C



reference value

Wavelength correction ±2nm

♦ Flowmeter

     –  Means of calibration: Endress+Hauser Coriolis flow meters with high accuracy of ± 0.05%

     –  Application range: from 0.3 to 100m3/h, diameter DN15 – DN150

     –  Types of flowmeters: Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis, Thermal Mass, Ultrasonic, etc.

Calibrate flowmeter at NK Engineering workshop

On-site mobile calibration rig

♦ Pressure

     –  Means of calibration:

            Standard device B-MC6-BH1 of Beamex

            Beamex portable pressure generator

     –  Calibration range: from -1 to 20 bar

     –  Types of pressure gauges:

            Thiết bị đo áp suất, đường ống, bồn bề

            Thiết bị đo mức dạng chênh áp

            Thiết bị đo lưu lượng dạng chênh áp

            Các loại thiết bị đo áp suất khác theo yêu cầu.

♦ Temperature

     –  Means of calibration:

            Thiết bị tạo nhiệt độ chuẩn của Beamex

            Cảm biến nhiệt độ với độ chính xác cao của Beamex

            Thiết bị hiển thị, hiệu chuẩn hiện trường Beamex MC6

     –  Calibration range: from -25oC to 250oC

     –  Type of temperature meters:

            Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)

            Thermocouple (TC)


Our highly qualified and experienced field service engineers come to you with mobile calibration equipment and perform adjustment or calibrate instantly when necessary. For you, this means reliable advice, optimum performance of your instruments and true cost-effectiveness.

Customer benefits:

Cost saving

     –  Optimal instrument performance reduces product losses

     –  Maximized plant availability

     –  Calibration intervals are customized for your specific needs

Qualified engineers

     –  Specialist, highly qualified engineers. Only engineers who complete Endress+Hauser calibration training are certified and assigned to do the calibration jobs.

        –  Comply with national safety standards

Calibration certificate

     –  Ensure compliance with your quality auditor by showing them an Endress+Hauser calibration certificate

Added value

     –  NK Engineering specialists and engineers

     –  Proactively identify potential instrument issues

     –  Provide knowledge transfer to your personal

On-site calibration

On-site calibration of flowmeters in saturated steam by NK Engineering Service Team

     If you need technical services from the most trusted accredited provider, please kindly contact us at and let us take care of your calibration needs as well as take advantage of our calibration competencies to optimize your processes.

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