Water & Wastewater quality monitoring system

Increasing safety in a wastewater treatment process 

     According to the Decree 40 of the Government (Amending and supplementing the Law on Environmental Protection), factories and business of the type of production which are likely to cause environmental pollution and have a discharge scale of 500m3/day (24h) or more must perform automatic and continuous wastewater quality monitoring. The parameters of automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring include: flow (input and output), temperature, pH, TSS, COD, amonia.

     From these requirements, NK Engineering has combined the most advanced instruments and measuring technologies of Endress+Hauser to design and install the wastewater quality monitoring systems. Which are optimal according to the factory's characteristics and fully meet the stringent requirements set by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

     System Configuration

     – Vessel sampling

     – Analysis sensors

     – Flowmeter and Open Channel

     – Transmitter and data logger

     – Control Panel


     Process reliability and control Thanks to continuously measured values and signal validation, this system guarantees stable plant operation and reliable plant discharge. Even after installation, plant personnel has full control of the process at all times.

     Easy maintenance, short downtimes High plant availability, easy calibration and user-friendly maintenance thank to Memosens technology.

     Legally prescribed sampling of the factory’s wastewater Flexible sampling programs in the automatic water samplers allow taking time-controlled wastewater samples in one device. Our water sampling stations can keep your composite samples at standard temperature 4oC and are vandalism-proof. Hence, you are on the safe side whenever you have to prove evidence to authorities.

     Some reference pictures:

Wastewater monitoring project in Heineken Da Nang

Wastewater monitoring project in Sabeco Cu Chi

Wastewater monitoring project in Tapioca Tay Ninh

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