NK Engineering completed supply and installation of automatic LPG storage measurement system for Sopet Gas One

In October 2022, NK Engineering completed the supply and installation of field equipment for tank monitoring including parameters: level, volume, liquid temperature, vapor temperature, pressure for Sopet Gas One company. 

In addition, the project provides inventory management software capable of automatically collecting, calculating and displaying data in the control room. The software includes all the features of a tank monitoring system: monitoring, warning, reporting, plotting, calculating and storing data...
The equipment provided by NK Engineering for the project has outstanding advantages:
✅ Proservo NMS81 level meter is suitable for open tank and pressure tank level measurement applications, integrated with a display screen on the top of the tank, touch buttons right at the device. The Proservo NMS81 level gauge operates on the principle of the highest precision string tension, and is certified commercial Custody Transfer. The Proservo NMS81 level meter has a high accuracy of ±0.4mm and meets all requirements for fire protection. Measurement of many parameters such as interface, density measurement, suitable for oil, petrochemical, chemical, alcohol media. Endress+Hauser's Proservo NMS81 level meter used in the tank management system has been sample approved in Vietnam for testing in custody transfer.
Comply with the metrology laws and regulations of the General Department of Metrology, including:
  • DLVN255:2015: Testing procedure in petroleum for tank measuring system
  • Official Letter 23/2013/TT-BKHCN: Regulations for group 2 measuring instruments.
✅ The Prothermo NMT539 multi-point thermometer is capable of providing vapor averaging, liquid averaging and point-by-point temperature, with extended integration from 2 to 16 temperature measurement points, with high accuracy. ± 0.1°C.
✅ Cerabar PMP71 pressure gauge with operating range up to 700bar.
Equipping with an automatic LPG tank monitoring and measuring system helps the factory to monitor LPG inventory data, record values and events occurring during operation, and issue reports, real-time tank reporting, inventory management and tank emptying, overflow, density, temperature, pressure alerts.







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