On March 10th, 2022, NK Engineering, in collaboration with Endress+Hauser Vietnam, hosted an online seminar on automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring systems with over 60 participants from a variety of industries, including engineering, wastewater treatment plants, and overall construction companies.

According to Government Decree No. 40/2019/ND-CP and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Circular No. 10/2021/TT-BTNMT: "Production, business, and service of the type of production that is likely to cause environmental pollution (in Annex IIa, Section I of the Appendix issued with this Decree) and has a discharge scale of 500m3/day (24h) or more calculated according to the design capacity of the water treatment system must perform automatic and continuous wastewater quality monitoring. This is one of the subjects that businesses are particularly concerned about right now.

Mr. Pham Van Duoc (Deputy Project Manager / NK Engineering) discussed the basic requirements of a wastewater monitoring station that are necessary, as well as the key categories according to the current circular for an automatic monitoring system, in this seminar. NK Engineering provided an overview of solutions for connecting monitoring station equipment, assisting clients in understanding the functioning mechanism to improve this system.

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Thank you for your attending events organized by NK Engineering and Endress+Hauser. We hope you get useful information. See you again at the next seminars. Best regards!





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