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Wastewater Quality Monitoring System At Heineken Vung Tau

Today, NK Engineering has completed the installation of an automatic wastewater quality monitoring station for Heineken factory in Vung Tau, which fully meets the regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the plant's requirements. We provided a system to measure parameters such as: output discharge flow, pH (integrated temperature sensor), TSS, COD and ammonium. Data will be transmitted and monitored continuously by web server. The system can be expanded and integrated other parameters such as: BOD, color, chlorine, residual chlorine, ...

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3D design image of the wastewater monitoring station

In addition, we also supplied 24/7 surveillance cameras inside and outside the station (at the outlet of the wastewater treatment system), cooling exhaust fans, CB (Schneider), Contactor (Schneider), surge protective device to protect control cabinet, lights, trunking, ...

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Device layout in the station

When any signal exceeds the threshold of the output wastewater, the controller from the wastewater monitoring station will transmit the control signal to the controller of the auto sampler and the auto sampler will automatically take and store of watewater sample. At the same time, the auto sampler will receive control signals from the competent state agencies for remote auto sampling.

All data will be stored by Datalogger CX8190 for at least 30 days and transmitted directly to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Vung Tau City. It is monitored by web server software designed by NK Engineering.

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Web server display 

Depends on the specific needs of each factory, NK Engineering experts will survey and provide the most suitable solution. Please contact us via email at for further assistance.

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