Design – Supply – Installation of automatic tank level measuring system of Cat Lai oil terminal


    NK Engineering has completed the installation of tank gauging monitoring system for 31 tanks at Saigon Petro – Cat Lai Terminal, including 27 tanks using Servo technology with highest accuracy and reliability in every tank. All measurements data are transferred to the control room via the Modbus protocol. The Tankvision NXA820 in control room will collect all data from field and monitor stock management without software in computer. Some pictures of the project are as follows:

 Tankside display

Radar Level Transmitter

Proservo Level Transmitter

NK engineer installs the system

Tankvision Software


     * Advantages of the Proservo Level Transmitter:

 –  High accuracy: ± 0.7mm

 –  Multi-function: level measurement, interface, density

 –  Fast calibration

 –  Not depend on Stilling well structure, suitable for old tank

 –  Not affected by vapors


     * Advantages of Tankvision XNA820:

 –  No software license required.

 –  Web Server technology

 –  Modular design, easy to integrate/upgrade without reprogramming


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