Automated and continuous data transmission to Department of Natural Resources & Environment 

          NK Engineering has successfully completed the installation of an automatic wastewater quality monitoring station, continuously measuring the pH, COD, and TSS for the discharge area of the Heineken brewery in Da Nang, ensuring the process of discharge to the environment safely, in accordance with regulations of Department of Natural Resources & Environment.

          In addition to the Endress+Hauser sensors system, NK Engineering also builds a 12th-grade storm shelter, equipped with high-capacity air-conditioners and ventilated fans to take the initiative in dealing with complicated weather events in the central region. At the same time, we also supply two 24/7 surveillance cameras to observe the location of the final discharge tank of the wastewater treatment plant and the automatic waste water monitor.

Wastewater quality monitoring system at Heineken Da Nang

Wastewater quality monitoring system at Heineken Da Nang

        All measurement parameters will be automatically recorded on the Ecograph T RSG35 – with up to 1GB of storage, and managed by Endress+Hauser's Field Data Manager MS20 software. These data will be transmitted directly to Da Nang DoNRE via the Inventia MT-151. In addition, NK Engineering also equips Heineken Danang with a backup UPS for up to 30 minutes to prevent sudden power outages.

        Flexible sampling system allows the sampling of wastewater according to the pre-set time. Whenever any parameter exceeds the allowable threshold, the system will automatically pump the wastewater and store the suspected sample in 12 PE tanks at the standard temperature of 4oC, guaranteeing excellent safety for your samples. Hence, you are on the safe side whenever you have to prove evidence to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Online monitoring station and automatic water sampler

Security camera systems 24/7

Discharge area of Heineken brewery

Discharge area of Heineken brewery

          Depends on the specific needs of each factory, NK Engineering experts will survey and provide the most suitable solution. Please contact us via email at for further assistance.

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