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Flow measuring technology for all electrically conductive liquids 

       Electromagnetic flowmeters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries and many others. Endress+Hauser has sold two million electromagnetic flowmeters since 1977 to different industries.

Outstanding features:

–  Wide range of nominal diameters (DN 2 to 2400; 1/12 to 90")

–  The measuring principle is virtually independent of pressure, density, temperature, and viscosity

–  Even fluids with entrained solids can be metered, e.g. slurry or wastewater

–  The flowmeters are not abrasive since there is no moving air inside.

–  There is no pressure drop.

–  It is possible to be measured in a small range. (turndown 1000: 1)

Electromagnetic flow measuring principle


On-site installation of Electromagnetic flowmeters:

Electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeters with nominal diameters  up to 2400

Installation of Electromagnetic flowmeters in Vietnam

Electromagnetic flow measurement – Highlight products:

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