pH sensors and transmitters

High-quality pH measurement in all industries 

         More than 30% of all quality-relevant measurements in processes are pH measurements. The pH sensor portfolio covers the complete range of applications:

–  Water and wastewater treatment and long-term monitoring

–  Applications with fast-changing medium compositions or low conductivity in chemical or life sciences industries

–  Hygienic applications in the food and life sciences industries

–  Applications with high fiber or particle content in the pulp & paper or power & energy industries

–  Applications that do not tolerate glass breakage, for example in the food industry or that imply high contents of organic solvents

–  Highly sensitive applications that require extremely accurate monitoring

          All Endress+Hauser pH sensors are approved for hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX/FM/CSA, NEPSI, and TIIS standards.

Operating principle of pH sensors


pH electrodes using the potentiometric method:

ORP electrodes using the potentiometric method:


Non-glass pH electrodes using the ion-selective method (ISFET):


On-site installation of pH sensors and transmitters:

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