Thermal flowmeters

For direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air, and fluids 

         The thermal measuring principle is widespread in the industry and is being used successfully in many applications with gas flow, for example:

–  Compressed air (consumption, distribution)

–  Carbon dioxide (for beverage production and chilling)

–  Argon (in steel production)

–  Nitrogen and oxygen (production)

–  Natural gas (for burners and boiler feed control)

–  Air and biogas measurement (e.g. in wastewater plants)

         Thermal flowmeters are capable of direct flow measurement even at low pressures and flow velocities. Thanks to two kinds of installation: Inline and Insertion versions, they are also possible to measure gas flows in very large pipelines or in rectangular ducts with no maintenance required.  

Thermal flow measuring principle

On-site installation of Thermal flowmeters:

Thermal flowmeter for measuring compressed air

Thermal flowmeter for measuring flare gas

Thermal mass flow measurement – Highlight products:

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