Ultrasonic flowmeters

Flow measurement of gases and liquids up to a nominal diameter DN 4000 

          There are two types of Ultrasonic flowmeters: clamp-on ultrasonic sensors are installed on the outer wall of the pipe and inline ultrasonic sensors.

Clamp-on sensors

–  For retrofitted installation without interrupting the process

–  Aggressive fluids can be measured without any problems, even under high pressure

–  Suitable for pipes made of plastic, steel, cast iron composite materials (lined/unlined)

–  For pipe diameters up to DN 4000 (156")

In-line sensors

–  Guaranteed accuracy thanks to traceable factory calibration

–  Robust industrial design in accordance with ASME and EN

–  Short inlet runs

–  For pipelines up to DN 2000 (78")

          Using ultrasonic waves, the flow volume of a wide variety of gases and liquids can be measured reliably – independent of electrical conductivity, pressure, temperature or viscosity.

Ultrasonic flow measuring principle

On-site installation of Ultrasonic flowmeters:

Clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeters


Ultrasonic flow measurement – Highlight products:

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