Ultrasonic level measurement

Continuous level measurement in liquids and solids 

       Ultrasonic level measurement with Prosonic sensors is a proved, as well as cost-effective solution for level measurement in liquids and bulk solids. But also for flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs. 

        Prosonic is based on the Time-of-Flight principle. A sensor emits ultrasonic pulses, the surface of the media reflects the signal and the sensor detects it again. The Time-of-Flight of the reflected ultrasonic signal is directly proportional to the distance traveled. With the known tank geometry, the level can be calculated.

–  Application range: 25m in liquid and 70m in bulk solids.

–  Process temperature up to 150oC

–  Process pressure​ up to 3 bar.

Ultrasonic measurement: Measuring Principle

On-site installation of Ultrasonic level measurement:


Installation of Ultrasonic devices at the sewage channels:


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