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Automated wastewater quality monitoring systems in Sabeco’s breweries.     

     It is predicted that Vietnam beer industry will grow at a sustainable rate of 4-5% per year over the next five years due to its young population and rising incomes. However, there is a problem of environmental sanitation, as wastewater from breweries is generally characterized by high levels of organic matter, high pH, and temperature, and when discharged into the receiving waters definitely causes pollution because the decomposition of organic component occurs very quickly.

Standard output water (type A) of Vietnam Breweries

      With 20 operating breweries, which can produce 1.8 billion liters of beer a year, Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp (Sabeco) now is a giant in the market and holds 40 percent of the market share. In order to ensure the safe discharge of waste to the environment, NK Engineering has designed and installed the reliable wastewater monitoring systems for Sabeco Tay Do and Sabeco Daklak… following strict requirements in Circular No. 43/2015/TT-BTNMT.

      Last September, we also put into operation an automatic wastewater monitoring system measuring 6 indicators: pH, COD, TSS, color, residual chlorine and flow for the discharge area of Sabeco Ninh Thuan. All these monitoring parameters will be connected to the GSM/ GPRS wireless transmitter for continuous data transmission to Local Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The system includes:

* Automatic sampling system: The vessel sampling includes wastewater sampler and 2 separate pumps. This system is integrated bubble removal function in addition because the plant's effluent water content is high in tiny bubbles.

* Analysis sensors:

–   pH sensor integrated temperature sensor, range pH 0÷ 14

–   COD sensor application for outlet wastewater: measurement range 0 ÷ 370 mg/l COD

–   TSS sensor: range 0 ÷ 4000 mg/l

–   Chlorine  residual sensor: measurement range 0.01÷5 mg/l

–   Color analyzer: measurement range 0÷200oHazen (0÷200 Pt-Co)

These sensors are calibrated by NK Engineering’s engineers immediately after installation.

* Transmitter and data logger:

– Multichannel Transmitter CM44x: be able to connect up to 8 Memosens sensors and very fast for commissioning with hot Plug&Play

–   Data logger: Ecograph T RSG35

  All data will be recorded every 1 minute in digital and graphical form for each monitoring parameter. If any parameters are out of allowable measuring range, the system will be automatically alarmed by message on display.

* Control Panel is made by galvanized with color RAL 7035 and suitable for outdoor installation (IP54) and designed following Ritals standard and installed with shelter protection.


Wastewater quality monitoring station in Sabeco Ninh Thuan

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